Did you know sea turtles can enjoy a lifespan of up to 152 years?

 The fewer the number of breaths one has per minute, the longer the life expectancy.

The restless monkey breathes at the rate of 32 times per minute, in contrast to our average of 18 times. (Try counting.) While the super chilled-out turtle breathes closer to eight times per minute.

So the moral of the story is…if you want to live longer…learn to breathe slower.


Many of us spend many hours sitting behind desks. This can lead to many aches in our upper body. Why not take four minutes to stretch at your desk each day?


Experience fulfilment and tranquility

My goal is to assist those who I work with to reach a place of fulfilment and tranquillity through the practice of yoga, mindfulness, sound healing and essential oils.

I have been practising yoga for almost two decades. I am a 200 hour qualified yoga teacher;  accredited 100 hour sound practitioner (Yoga Alliance) and Doterra wellness advocate. But beyond the qualifications, I am passionate about providing my students with a holistic and authentic experience.



“To be honest, I never thought that I would enjoy yoga. The way that Tarryn personalizes her classes made me feel welcome, at ease, and comfortable. I did not feel judged during sessions. Tarryn guides with such calm and warmth. I felt more positive and mindful at the end of each session. Thank you for introducing …

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Tailored to your ability

“Tarryn introduced me to yoga guiding me through my first ever session. As a beginner, she tailored the session to my ability so it was challenging yet enjoyable and I have been hooked since! I highly recommend Tarryn if you are looking for an instructor”

Tom Hodgins – Performance Psychologist (UK)